Hungary Becomes Latest EU State to Consider National Social Media Regulation
Move seen as part of a growing trend
to regulate online platforms at national levels

March 23, 2021
Budapest, Hungary
This spring, Hungary will become the latest European country to introduce regulation around social media content, after Justice Minister Judit Varga announced in January (fittingly, on her Facebook page) plans to rein in the "tech giants", including possible sanctions against what she described as their "unfair commercial practices".

This move is further evidence of a growing trend towards online platform regulation at national levels in Europe, both within and outside the EU. Austria, France, Germany and Poland have all pre-empted EU-wide legislation on the digital landscape, while outside the bloc the UK, Russia and Turkey are at various stages of implementing similar restrictions.

Within the EU at least, this trend goes against Brussel's ambition to regulate the digital landscape at a regional level, via the EU Digital Strategy, tabled by the European Commission in December last year.

To have a detailed look at what is driving this national legislation and some of the challenges posed for international digital operators please click here.

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