Snap Elections in Armenia
Nikol Pashinyan re-elected Prime Minister amid vote contested by opposition

June 22, 2021
On June 20th, 2021, Armenian voters went to the polls for the second time in three years to elect the country's new parliament for the next legislative term.

Defying the appearance of new opposition formations and the emergence of new-old figures in Armenian politics, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his ruling Civil Contract party has emerged victorious with 54% of the vote and secured 72 seats in the 105 seats in Armenia's unicameral National Assembly.

While the ruling party looks set to gain another constitutional majority and the country appears to have avoided a major post-election turmoil, preserving political stability in the wake of a more polarized social environment and ongoing tensions with Azerbaijan will be among the biggest challenges to overcome.

Investors in Armenia are advised to pay special attention to the country's relations with Azerbaijan. Pashinyan's re-election is likely to ease tensions with Baku, however, a failure to prove commitment to the country's sovereignty will put enormous pressure on Pashinyan and his Government.
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