Snap Parliamentary Elections in Moldova
Party of Action and Solidarity to Form Government with Unprecedented Mandate

July 15, 2021
On July 11th, Moldovan voters went to the polls to elect the country's 101 members of parliament for the next legislative term. As widely expected, the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) of incumbent President Maia Sandu emerged victorious, securing 53% of the popular vote and a close-to-constitutional majority.

The result represents a historic mandate and most likely the beginning of a new chapter in Moldovan politics, centered around a business-friendly and reformist PAS government.

Kesarev analysts provide a brief introduction into Moldova's current affairs and take a closer look at the results of the snap parliamentary election, its impact on the business community and the potential scenarios ahead for the pro-EU path the country seems to have chosen.
      Detailed overview of the results of these elections and the implications for investors is here
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