Head of Kesarev Ukraine steps away
to run for parliament

June 25, 2019
Kesarev Ukraine announces leadership changes in its office and practice. This follows Executive Partner Mykhailo Sokolov's decision to take a career break to pursue his long-standing interest in public service.

Mykhailo joined Kesarev Ukraine over a decade ago. He has played a vital role in promoting ethical advocacy in Ukraine and has made a considerable input into building the firm's reputation and its footprint.

Running for Ukraine's parliament (Verkhovna Rada) for the Sluha Narodu (People's Servant) party, Mykhailo registered with the Central Election Commission of Ukraine on 24 June 2019. Should he be successful in the snap election, he will leave the firm.

Mykhailo is handing over his leadership responsibilities at Kesarev Ukraine to Partner Oleksandr Ilkov, who said:

"Mykhailo's parliamentary nomination by of one of the leading parties of the current election campaign proves that his professionalism, pro bono work, civic engagement and achievements in ethical advocacy are highly recognised among his party caucus and valued by the expert community.

"Mykhailo has been praised for his input in tax reforms, legislation around deregulation, state aid and European integration, and in the improvement of the regulatory framework for sustainable and competitive agriculture.

"The Kesarev team appreciates that Ukraine needs professional and motivated reformists and thus fully supports Mykhailo's decision to run for parliament. We wish him and a number of other Kesarev Alumni who are also running for parliament the best of luck in their carriers in public service. We are confident that their knowledge, skills and outstanding personal qualities which guide them in promoting public good and ideas, will help Ukraine to achieve stable growth and prosperity."