Emerging Issues on Pharma Market
in the EU & Central Asia

Global public affairs consultancy Interel and Kesarev, government relations firm working in Central Asia, Russia, CEE & the post-soviet countries, will hold a joint webinar on the emerging regulatory issues on the pharma markets of the EU and Central Asia.

Experts from both companies will share perspectives on the following regulatory trends across the EU and Central Asia:

The latest trends in the EU regulation of the pharma market, including:
  • The creation of the European Health Union;
  • The new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe;
  • Orphan Medicinal Products (OMP) regulation review.
Areas where the EU regulations are influencing those in Central Asian markets:
  • EU guidance and select member states' (MS) regulations on salt, sugar, trans fats in food to reduce non-communicable diseases;
  • Protectionism experience encouraging the relocation of the production of medicines and personal protective equipment (PPE) back into Europe following the pandemic;
  • Reference pricing and tagging in the EU.
Highly critical issues for the Central Asian region:
  • State regulation of prices for both medicines sold through government procurement and retail (in pharmacies);
  • Tagging of drugs and medical devices;
  • State regulation of salt, sugar, trans fats in food to reduce non-communicable diseases;
  • Protectionism in the pharmaceutical sector, including requirements for the localization of production, interstate integration processes and sanctions.

    When: June 16, 2021, 10:00 am Brussels time / 14:00 pm Nur-Sultan


    10:00-10:05 / 14:00-14:05 - Opening remarks by Pavel Melnikov, Partner

    10:05-10:25 / 14:05-14:25 - Presentation by Julie Cooper, Managing Director, Health, Interel

    10:25-10:45 / 14:25-14:45 - Presentation by Natalia Malyarchuk, Director in Kazakhstan & Central Asia, Kesarev, and Daniyar Koshenov, Co-Head of Kazakhstan & Central Asia, Kesarev

    10:45-11:00 / 14:45-15:00 - Discussion

    The event will be held in English.

    Please RSVP to events@kesarev.com by EOB June 15, 2021
    Julie Cooper

    Julie is Managing Director, Health in Interel's European Affairs practice in Brussels. She provides both strategic and operational leadership to a growing portfolio of health-related accounts in support of new product launches, market access, market seeding and development, clinical and patient advocacy, coalition building, and disease awareness. Julie runs Interel's Global Health Network (IGP Health) and is responsible for the continual growth, development, and delivery of Interel's health business.

    Natalia Malyarchuk

    Natalia is a Senior Counsel and Director for Kazakhstan & Central Asia in Kesarev. She has played an instrumental role in the establishment of the practice across Central Asia. Natalia advises a range of Fortune-500 clients, including those operating in the pharma market, on the nuances of regulatory and political developments across Central Asia.

    Daniyar Koshenov

    Daniyar is a Senior Counsel and Co-Head of Kazakhstan & Central Asia Practice in Kesarev. He has over 10 years of experience in regulatory and public affairs management in Central Asia, for transnational companies in highly regulated industries, including the pharmaceutical sector. Daniyar has vast experience in coordinating and implementing global government relations campaigns at the local level and co-leads the coordination of Kesarev's growing operations in Central Asia and the South Caucasus countries.
    About Interel Group

    Interel is the largest independent public affairs and association management consultancy in the world. Globally integrated, Interel has seven offices in Brussels, London, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, New Delhi and Washington, D.C., as well as a worldwide network of affiliate firms covering more than 70 markets managed through the Interel Global Partnership (IGP).

    About Kesarev

    Kesarev is the largest independent consultancy in Russia, the post-Soviet region, Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Israel, covering 25 countries and specialising in government relations services, risk and corporate reputation management. Kesarev serves clients in the agribusiness/food sector, healthcare, FMCG, financial services, ICT, infrastructure, energy/utility, mining/natural resources.