Lilia Nazarova
Senior Advisor
Work Experience
Before joining Kesarev in 2017, Lilia had an internship at the State Duma Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations. She was responsible for preparing memos on bills considered, drafting letters to state bodies, reviewing appeals from citizens, organizing roundtables and other Committee events.

Responsibilities in Kesarev
In Kesarev, Lilia focuses on advising clients in the FMCG and IT sectors.

Lilia holds a Master’s degree in Applied Political Science from the National Research University Higher School of Economics (2018) and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (2016).

She also studied at the Faculty of Political Science of the Freie Universität Berlin as an exchange student.

Along with her native Russian, Lilia is fluent in English and German.