Our firm
Kesarev is a leading international consultancy, providing public policy, public affairs and reputation management counsel across a growing range of emerging markets in Europe and Central Asia.

Since 2004, we have been advising a wide range of industry-leading clients, helping them navigate complex policy and media environments across initially Russia, Ukraine and the CIS member countries, before expanding into Central Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and Turkey.

We often work alongside leading law firms and industry associations – to the highest international standards of transparency and compliance – and have regularly been recognised as best-in-market across our regions. We ensure our clients understand fully the opportunities, risks and likely policy and regulatory scenarios they may face today and in the future, so that they can make fully-informed decisions. Where needed, we also advocate for our clients across all relevant stakeholders, addressing complex issues, minimizing exposure and ensuring business continuity by establishing a clear and effective political/regulatory environment and sustainable stakeholder relationships.

We are a diverse team of highly experienced professionals across the legal, public policy, public affairs and crisis communications disciplines, with a wide range of industry specialization. Our consultants are fluent in the languages, culture and policy landscapes across our growing regions of operation, and extremely experienced in integrating fully with our clients' inhouse teams and advisors, whether local or international.
Ethics and compliance
  • A long history of serving multinational corporations according to high professional standards and internationally-recognized compliance requirements;

  • Kesarev employees regularly participate in trainings, both in-house and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) regarding antibribery practices, corporate compliance standards and FCPA/UKBA special requirements;

  • The firm is also in full compliance with the provisions of the national legislations of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Russia, and the requirements and principles of their respective antibribery legislation, corporate governance and ethics;
  • Our experts and management attend continuing educational programs and trainings in compliance awareness, anti-bribery compliance, anti-money-laundering and more; our internal policies include annual continuing education (both external and internal) in those areas of compliance and legislation;

  • Kesarev team members act under a commitment to abide the Code of Ethics of Society of European Affairs Professionals;

  • Kesarev and its employees are also members of the International Bar Association, the International Compliance Association and the Public Affairs Council, all of which oblige them to adhere to professional ethics and compliance restrictions.

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