"The GR community should pay attention to a wider circle of stakeholders during the period of power transition" – Evgeny Roshkov

March 02, 2020
Moscow, Russia

On 28 February, Evgeny Roshkov, partner at Kesarev, examined President Putin's initiation of a power transition via proposed amendments to the Constitution. Putin's idea is to restructure the existing power configuration, and system of checks and balances, to ensure further development of the Russian political system. More authority will be given to the State Council, Security Council will have even more formal powers, while the Federation Council and State Duma may broaden the mandate. Evgeny gave his speech during the 'GR Force' Forum.

On a separate note, Evgeny spoke about potential deconstruction of the existing political system, which could lead to a period of political uncertainty. That could happen due to global or national economic crises, or a decline of the legitimacy of the president due to a decline in his approval rating.

Hence, in order to better manage political uncertainty, the GR community in Russia may consider allocating more resources to ensure cooperation with the broaden circle of stakeholders during the period up to 2024 and beyond.

GR Force is an annual forum for GR experts, where experience and case studies are shared with no media present. Kesarev has taken part in and supported the forum since 2017.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of Evgeny's presentation in Russian, please send a request to e.yankovoy@kesarev.com