Kesarev in Vedomosti: the importance of regulatory guillotine in Russia
September 2, 2020
Moscow, Russia

Russia's leading business newspaper, Vedomosti, last week published an article by Kesarev on the development of the so-called "Regulatory Guillotine" policy initiative in Russia.

A fundamental review of the entire system of supervisory requirements for business, eliminating thousands of redundant and outdated norms from Soviet era regulation, the 'guillotine' approach was initially proposed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in January 2019. The regulatory reform envisages the removal of any business supervision requirements not reviewed and updated by 1 January 2021. All the remaining regulatory requirements will enter a public register and be set for review by the government at least every 5 years.

As explained in the article, however, eliminating outdated bureaucracy often goes hand in hand with the introduction of new regulatory procedures that can become equally stifling.

'The regulatory guillotine can still be a useful tool for businesses', tells the article, 'as long its admirable intentions are not suffocated by the way it is implemented."