GR Force 2023
1 March 2023
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Kesarev partner Vitaly Zhigulin spoke at VII GR Force Forum, opening the event with a business breakfast devoted to GR life and career after major 2022 deals. Yuri Panasik, partner, made welcome remarks.

The Forum brought together over 100 GR professionals, where they discussed the change in relations between the business and the government in 2022; expectations for 2023; how to restructure work of a GR team in the new reality; and how to use the new opportunities to build regional and international GR.

Vitaly also shared the insights into the procedures of obtaining governmental approvals for the deals with foreign aspects, as well as took part in a roundtable discussing the transformation of the GR function in a company.

"GR Force 2023" Forum is an independent platform aimed at Russian GR experts forming an open and professional dialogue. Chatham House Rule applies.