Public Affairs Function Set Up
  • Designing Public Affairs Service Organizational Function
  • Developing KPIs
  • Drawing up employees’ job descriptions
  • Candidate recruitment and assessment

Public Affairs Strategy

  • Public Affairs Strategy
  • Developing and updating a matrix of regulatory risks and opportunities for the company
  • Implementation of the Public Affairs strategy or its individual milestones
Stakeholders Management
  • Developing stakeholders map
  • Development of communication plan and/or a set of key company positions for engaging selected stakeholders
  • Organization of meetings, workshops and regular company contacts with selected stakeholders
  • Conducting stakeholder opinion audit to assess perceptions of the company's reputation and how they can be engaged to support the company

Early Warning Monitoring

  • System for monitoring and responding promptly to key company issues
  • Legal alerts and Regulatory monitoring
  • Advising on necessary actions by Kesarev experts
  • Assessment of key issues impact on business

Legal services & Strategic Communications

  • Engaging decision makers to influence decisions
  • Regulatory and legislative drafting
  • Coalition building
  • Association management
  • PR support of the strategic communications campaign
Crisis Management
  • Crisis strategy and contingency plans development and execution (including separate parts of the plan) for the following risks: Finance / Litigation / Force-majeure
  • Strategic communications for protection of corporate reputation vis-à-vis public and non-public sector, employees and media
  • Crisis taskforce development
Practices & Areas of Special Expertise
Industry Sectors
  • Agribusiness/food sector
  • FMCG
  • Health care/pharmaceutical
  • Financial services
  • ICT/tech
  • Media & entertainment
  • Infrastructure & transportation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical
  • Mining/natural recourses
  • Energy/utilities
Special Expertise
  • Eurasian Economic Union policy and international trade
  • Trade law and policy
  • Customs-tariff and non-tariff regulations (SPS, TBT and etc.)
  • Technical regulations
  • Antitrust and competition
  • Tax policy
  • WTO law
  • Regulatory impact assessment procedures
  • Legislative drafting
  • Association management