Vyacheslav Roshkov
Work Experience
Before joining Kesarev, Vyacheslav worked as a press secretary and PR manager in a number of regional holding companies in the energy and dairy industries, where he specialized in anti-crisis and judicial PR campaigns. Being a professional journalist, Vyacheslav worked as deputy editor-in-chief of the Vologda regional magazine "Business and Power" and a staff journalist of the Vologda regional supplement to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".

Responsibilities at Kesarev
At Kesarev Vyacheslav focuses on corporate communications and corporate positioning. Also, he is responsible for back office management and administrative customer support.

Vyacheslav has a degree in Personnel Management from the North-West Academy of Public Administration (St. Petersburg) and in Cultural Studies from the Vologda State Pedagogical University.

In 2010, Vyacheslav took the advanced courses in External Relations Management at the Diplomatic Academy of Russia's MFA.

Along with his native Russian, Vyacheslav is fluent in English.