Company Statement on Re-structuring
April 4, 2022
Last month, we announced a major re-structuring of our business in order to safeguard our clients moving forward.

Today, we confirm the full separation of Kesarev into two independent business entities.

Our Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia divisions have combined into a new consultancy, Aretera Public Affairs, led by former Kesarev Executive Partner Chris Dobson. Our team and client roster in these regions transfers fully to this new business, effective today.

Kesarev continues as a Russian market business focused on providing the best counsel and support possible to international clients as they review their presence and look to protect their people and assets on the market. Kesarev's Moscow team remains stable, led by founding partners Evgeny Roshkov and Yury Panasik.

While fully independent in terms of ownership and management, the two companies will continue to co-operate on current and future client mandates, if clients themselves require.

We thank all our clients, staff, partners and friends for their support and understanding of this move, and look forward to continuing our relationships moving forward.