Kesarev makes another step
in educating students at the Higher School of Economics on GR

September 17, 2019
Kesarev has launched an upgraded GR course called Interaction with State Authorities: GR-Management at the Higher School of Economics. This course inspired by our field expertise and is mostly focused on developing the analytical, negotiation and project management skills that university students will surely need to advance their careers and make their work teams stronger.

Kesarev considers these skills to be major assets for would-be GR professionals and strives to raise awareness of their importance working across major universities in all countries where we work.

The course only partly touches on GR theory, being mostly devoted to "on-the-ground" issues such as regulatory monitoring, issues management, stakeholder mapping and creation of issue management and risk mitigation systems.

The course is open to students of the HSE Social Science Faculty majoring in Political Science. We plan to give them a chance to meet GR practitioners from the corporate sector, government bodies and industry associations, along with our own in-house experts, to learn from their experience and get a better understanding of the field.

Kesarev's partnership with the Higher School of Economics (HSE) is enjoying its fifth consecutive year now, with the course maintained at a high professional level by the lecturers, Kesarev Partners Evgeny Roshkov, Yury Panasik and Pavel Melnikov.