Yury Panasik: "Working in government relations can be challenging but also fulfilling, especially when improving market conditions for our clients"

March 13, 2020
Moscow, Russia

Kesarev Partner Yury Panasik recently gave a lecture on what challenges await students in Russia choosing government relations as a profession. The Social Science Faculty of the Higher School of Economics invited Yury as a speaker during its professional orientation week.

Yury gave an overview of the duties of GR managers, potential differences in such a role within Russian and international companies, and a comparison between the work on a corporate side and within consultancies. He also described various analytical and practical tools that students need to learn to support the growth of businesses as GR professionals.

"GR managers must have an encyclopedic knowledge about many aspects of the corporate and political worlds, especially on those topics related to their businesses or clients, - Yury underlined. – This job can be rather challenging and demanding but it is also very rewarding – for example when we succeed in improving the market conditions for our clients, showing concrete value to them of our work."

Kesarev has been partnering with the Higher School of Economics (HSE) for five years as part of the specially-designed course "Interaction with public authorities: GR-management". The course is delivered by Kesarev Partners Evgeny Roshkov, Yury Panasik and Pavel Melnikov.