Evgeny Roshkov: "GR is more practical craft than theoretical science"

Kesarev launches its latest course on GR at Higher School of Economics in Russia
September 8, 2020

Moscow, Russia

Kesarev team starts new academic year with its authored course on government relations (public affairs) for magisters programme at State University — Higher School of Economics in Russia. The course with minor updates to the curricula would be taught in 2020 by Kesarev's Evgeny Roshkov, Yury Panasik, and Pavel Melnikov.

This year, the curriculum will feature two high-profile Russian government officials alongside seasoned experts from the corporate world.

The course, developed by Kesarev at the request of HSE's Faculty of Social Sciences for MA students in Applied Politics, provides students an opportunity to study both the theory of Government Relations as well as key practical aspects such as regulatory monitoring, issues management, stakeholder mapping, drafting and delivering messages to stakeholders and the creation of risk mitigation strategies.

Executive Partner Evgeny Roshkov said of the course:

"GR is more practical craft than theoretical science, so while we do focus on some of the excellent writing on the subject, the course really tries to focus on the practicalities of our profession. Our aim is to prepare the students for exactly those types of challenges they could face in a career within government relations. We're really thrilled to be extending our partnership with HSE for a sixth consecutive year."