Priorities of the new leadership of the Federal Antimonopoly Service

April 2, 2021

Moscow, Russia

Kesarev Partner Pavel Melnikov provided his view on the priorities of the new leadership of the Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) during a recent webinar organized by ALRUD, a leading law firm in Russia.

The Service, led by its former Head Igor Artemiev, created the institutional framework for the protection of competition including antimonopoly legislation, legislation on public procurement including state defense orders, legislation on advertising, trade, tariffs, foreign investment in strategic sectors etc.

Maxim Shaskolsky, former Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg in charge of tariff regulation, was appointed Head of the FAS in November 2020. The new leadership's priorities are expected to be centered around those of the previous team, such as tariff and antitrust regulation, advertisement and retail regulation, FDI and public purchase control. Since his views on some of these areas are yet to be publicly articulated, however, changes in policy direction remain possible.

Other topics of webinar were:
  • «Quality or quantity of cases and decisions - which is more important?» by Vadim Novikov who presented a view of antitrust economist on FAS decision making process.
  • «Antimonopoly» Plenum of the Supreme Court: New Realities and a Conservative Approach» by Natalia Rashevskaya and Denis Bekker, Alrud lawyers who presented key important conclusions made by the Supreme Court on the competition law enforcement.
Recording in Russian of the webinar.
Presentation in Russian from the webinar.