Philippe Pegorier speaks on the most efficient approaches to interact with Russian authorities
at the invitation of French business association R.E.D

October 25, 2021
Moscow, Russia

On October 19, Kesarev Partner Philippe Pegorier was invited by the R.E.D Moscow association to share his expertise with the French business community from the real estate, fashion, retail and tourism industries on how to interact with Russian authorities. During his presentation, Philippe shared his views on the way Russian authorities operate and the most effective approaches to cooperate with them.

"Frequent and informative interaction with Russian authorities builds the foundation for fruitful cooperation and allows any company to successfully defend its interests and suggest the best policy approaches for the government", Philippe said during the presentation.

The audience presented many questions to Philippe. Particularly, they were interested in his views on how to address issues related to taxation and cooperation with regional authorities.

The R.E.D - Entrepreneurship and Development Network in Russia - is a community of French-speaking entrepreneurs and business leaders established in Russia. The association aims to inform its members about entrepreneurship in Russia, to help them develop their network and succeed in their projects in the country. Throughout the year, R.E.D members meet for monthly training breakfasts and networking sessions.